10 Tips for Talking to Your Partner About IVF

Nov 03, 2023
 10 Tips for Talking to Your Partner About IVF
Are you thinking about trying to conceive via in vitro fertilization (IVF), but unsure of your partner’s feelings on the process? Learn strategies that can help you start the conversation with thoughtful and supportive dialogue.

Starting a family is an exciting journey. The road to parenthood can be straightforward for many couples, but for others, it may be filled with challenges. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a medical procedure that has helped countless couples worldwide realize their dream of having a child. Even so, starting the conversation about IVF with your partner can sometimes be challenging.

Here, Dr. Kevin Doody and Dr. Kathleen Doody at Effortless IVF™ in Fort Worth and Bedford, Texas, offer ten concrete tips to help you have an open and supportive conversation about IVF with your partner.

1. Prepare yourself in advance

Before starting a conversation about IVF with your partner, prepare yourself with accurate information. Familiarize yourself with the procedure, its costs, potential risks, and success rates. It’s only natural for your partner to have questions about these various concerns, and coming to the conversation prepared shows you’ve given it serious thought.

2. Choose the right time and setting 

Find a quiet, comfortable space where you can talk without interruptions, and make sure your schedule is clear. Ensuring that both of you feel at ease helps foster a conducive environment for a heart-to-heart discussion that can continue for as long as it needs to last.

3. Express your feelings

Start the conversation by sharing your feelings and concerns about your pregnancy journey. Whether you’re experiencing uncertainty, fear, hope, excitement, or all the above, it’s essential to be honest about your emotions. Encourage your partner to share their feelings, too.

4. Ask your partner open-ended questions

Help your partner express their thoughts and feelings by asking open-ended questions like, “How do you feel about IVF?” or “What are your main concerns regarding the process?” or “What are your hopes for IVF?”  

5. Listen actively 

While it’s essential to express your feelings about IVF and your journey to starting a family, it's equally important to listen to your partner’s feelings, hopes, and worries. 

When your partner is speaking, give them your full attention, and don’t interject with solutions to their concerns or try to get them to see your perspective if you aren’t exactly on the same page. Instead, validate their feelings and acknowledge their point of view.

6. Discuss the financial aspect

IVF can require a significant time and financial commitment. Discussing the potential costs and exploring options like insurance coverage and financing can help you both get a clear picture of what lies ahead.  

You can also share how the Effortless IVF™ process compares to traditional IVF to show your partner there isn’t just one IVF option.

7. Consider couples counseling

If you find navigating the emotions and decisions surrounding IVF challenging, consider couples counseling. Professional guidance can offer additional support and tools to help you both make informed choices.

8. Respect your partner’s decision

It's important to understand that your partner might not be as excited about the idea of IVF as you are initially. Respect your partner’s feelings and decisions and remember that starting a family is a journey you’re both on together

9. Revisit the conversation at a later date

If you don’t come to an agreement during the first conversation about IVF, you can revisit the conversation later on — your partner’s feelings and opinions about IVF might evolve over time. 

10. Sit down with an IVF expert 

At Effortless IVF, we understand that the journey to parenthood is deeply personal and unique to each couple. Discussing IVF with your partner is a crucial first step, and we’re pleased to offer accurate information and expert support whenever you may need it. 

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