Are you a Candidate for Effortless IVF ™?

Effortless IVF ™ is a low-cost, less time-consuming, more efficient method of IVF treatment. Many of the same people who are candidates for traditional IVF are also candidates for Effortless IVF ™.

Limited access to treatment

Our aim is to make IVF treatments available for patients who might have otherwise been prohibited because of financial, geographical, or time constraints.

Because of its simplicity, this new method can provide patients who do not live near a fertility center with the opportunity to undergo IVF treatment.

Beneficial for males with sperm challenges

As with traditional IVF treatment, Effortless IVF ™ may be beneficial for males with low sperm count, low sperm motility, and a high percentage of abnormally-shaped sperm.

Beneficial to women with hormone and anatomy challenges

Women who have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, which may prevent the eggs from passing through to the uterus, can benefit from this treatment.

Women who have ovulatory problems such as PCOS are excellent candidates for Effortless IVF ™.

Unexplained infertility

Couples who have unexplained infertility may also benefit from Effortless IVF ™.

Up to age 45

Women up to age 45 are candidates for Effortless IVF ™ if they meet the other criteria described above.

Tubal ligation or removal

Women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, prior tubal ligation or removal of a tube or tubes.

AMH levels of 0.8 ng/ml or higher

Who is effortless IVF not right for?

Some patients aren't good candidates for Effortless IVF ™, including

Those suffering from severe male factor infertility

With very low levels of anti-müllerian hormone (AMH).

Women with a very low AMH level typically require a stimulation protocol requiring high amounts of gonadotropins.

Because the goal of Effortless IVF ™ is to provide patients with a low-cost and less time-consuming method of treatment, these patients may be better candidates for a different type of ART.

Candidates for Effortless IVF ™ need to weigh less than 190 pounds and have a BMI less than 35.

Women over 45

Our office is dedicated exclusively to offering services that relate to conducting an Effortless IVF ™ cycle. We do not offer preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), or embryo biopsy in conjunction with effortless IVF treatment. Patients will need to see their regular OB/GYN for all other services associated with their pregnancy.

Schedule an Effortless IVF ™ Consultation

If you have considered ART treatment but have been discouraged because of concerns over geographical, financial, or time requirements, please Schedule an Appointment with one of our effortless IVF specialists.

When Effortless IVF ™ is not an option.

Consider conventional or traditional IVF for the following:

  • embryo biopsy / embryo testing
  • egg donation
  • gestational carrier
  • couples with severe sperm problems who need to have the sperm placed into the egg (ICSI).

Note: Couples / individuals who are using donor sperm (ICI specimen) are candidates for Effortless IVF ™.