Affordable Fertility Care: Effortless IVF ™ Costs

Pricing for Effortless IVF ™ Services

Effortless IVF ™ focuses exclusively on delivery of successful IVF services. We offer services that are directly related to your IVF treatment cycle:

  • Initial Effortless IVF ™ Pre-Cycle Evaluation (Consultations and diagnostic testing)
  • Effortless IVF ™ Treatment Cycle

Effortless IVF ™ Bundled Pricing:

New Patient Consultation, all Pre-Cycle Testing and Follow-up Consultation can be done for a total price of $2,000. Effortless IVF ™ will not be offered to patients without meeting the following criteria:

  • Ovarian reserve (AFC 6 and above as well as AMH between 0.6 ng/ml or higher). AMH assay needs to be performed using the Roche assay.
  • Normal configuration of uterine cavity, no “filling defects” and suspected normal endometrial receptivity.
  • Normal, mildly abnormal or moderately abnormal semen parameters. Semen analyses need to be performed using a CASA (computer assisted semen analysis).
  • Ovaries accessible to transvaginal retrieval.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 or less
  • Body weight of 190 or less
  • Age less than 45
  • No significant chronic medical illness.

Pricing for effortless IVF Services

If the above criteria are met, the Effortless IVF ™ treatment will be provided for $6,000. This will include the “Effortless IVF ™” monitoring, egg retrieval with board certified anesthesiologist in certified Ambulatory Surgical Center setting, embryo culture, transfer and cryopreservation of extra embryos. Please note there is no refund of the cycle fee for any reason, should a treatment cycle be canceled after initiation.  Medication cost is additional. The cost for these medications varies with the AMH and body weight, but currently ranges from about $1500 to $4000.

The Pre-Cycle evaluation includes the important basic infertility / IVF pre-cycle testing and does not need to be repeated if the Effortless IVF ™ treatment is undertaken within one year. Tests can be purchased “a la carte," but a discount is given if the New Patient Consultation and bundle of tests is purchased together. Outside testing is not accepted for semen analysis or sonography. Hysteroscopy and HSG tests performed previously will be accepted if the images from these studies are satisfactory and brought to us at the time of the New Patient or Follow-up Consultation. The bundled pricing for pre-cycle testing is not billable to insurance.

Complete Pre-cycle Evaluation is available for a bundled price: $2,000

“a la carte” Pre-cycle Evaluation pricing is also available if desired:

New Patient Consultation: $3501

Pre-Cycle Testing:

  • Pelvic sonogram performed by expert physician (comprehensive including 3D and Antral Follicle Count – AFC) 2: $200
  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) blood testing series3: $200
  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)4: $525
  • Semen Analysis SA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis – CASA) series: $2505
  • Hysteroscopy (office): $6006
  • Follow-up Consultation (after testing) to discuss treatment details and mechanics: $2507

Pre-conceptual / pregnancy screening tests

Pre-conceptual / pregnancy screening testing is not provided by Effortless IVF ™. This testing is done by your OB/GYN and/or primary care physician to make sure you are in good health and are likely to have a healthy pregnancy outcome. Your physician should be informed that you are attempting pregnancy and will determine if you need a pap smear or other gynecologic tests. They can discuss the potential benefits of genetic carrier screening or other optional testing with you. Recent (within 12 months) pre-conceptual / pre-natal blood testing should be done to determine that you are healthy for pregnancy. These tests include complete blood count, rubella immunity, varicella immunity and other infectious disease testing. The results of these tests must be brought to the physician consultations and will be required before doing the Effortless IVF ™ treatment. Infectious disease testing on the male partner is also recommended.

Effortless IVF ™ should be considered for many (but not all) causes of infertility. Consultation and testing might result in a determination that Effortless IVF ™ is not a good option. In some instances, a recommendation will be made that further diagnosis or other treatment should be considered. Successful surgical treatments could be necessary before Effortless IVF ™ would be considered. Follow-up consultation is required after each surgical treatment or unsuccessful pregnancy to determine if Effortless IVF ™ is an appropriate treatment.

Patients with health insurance may have financial coverage for some or all of the required pre-cycle testing (HSG and hysteroscopy) or IVF treatment at a contracted provider. We encourage patients to consider and explore this, as it could lead to an even greater savings on the total cost of care. It is important for the contracted provider to be able to give to you both the report and images and treatment summaries for our review. We cannot accept reports without satisfactory images. We do not request records from other medical providers, but we recommend that you obtain records and images to bring to your consultations.

The above tests should generally be performed within 6 months prior to beginning Effortless IVF ™ treatment. Repeat testing may be required following ovarian or uterine surgery or after 12 months.

1 New Patient Consultation is required prior to beginning testing for Effortless IVF ™. This consultation is best conducted as a face-to-face visit. Phone consultations can be performed by patient request.

2 Pelvic sonogram and antral follicle count will typically be needed only once. However, on occasion, the study may be indeterminate. If an ovary is difficult to visualize, the sonogram may need to be repeated. If this sonogram is performed as part of the effortless IVF Pre-Cycle testing bundle, there will be no charge to repeat the test. During this visit, a complete physical examination is also performed, including lungs, heart, abdomen and pelvic / female exam.

3 Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is the blood test that best predicts both time to menopause and response to fertility medications. AMH, however, is not a perfect test. Although it does not vary tremendously within a menstrual cycle or from one cycle to the next, two tests will be more useful to predict response to medications. On occasion, if the AMH level does not appear to be consistent with the measured Antral Follicle Count (AFC), a third sampling may be necessary. No additional fee is required if a third test is necessary. The AMH assay must be performed using the Roche assay.

4 HSG is a radiographic test involving injection of a radio-opaque contrast solution into the uterus and fallopian tubes. If this test is done by an “outside” physician, both the report and images must be reviewed by us at the new patient consultation.

5 Computer assisted semen analysis (CASA) is the best way to determine the number of progressively moving sperm in the semen. Non-motile sperm and sperm with only sluggish movement or twitching have no ability to fertilize an egg. The semen analysis done by many clinics involves estimating the quality of sperm movement by a trained observer. Although this method is considerably less expensive, it has been found to be subjective and not as reproducible as CASA. We believe that CASA is the best predictor of the ability of sperm to fertilize an egg.

6 Hysteroscopy is the “gold standard” diagnostic test that involves placement of a fiber-optic telescope through the cervical canal such that the uterine cavity can be visualized to ensure normal anatomy. This procedure is tolerated in the office by most patients. If the procedure cannot be performed in the office setting, or would be preferred to be conducted in a certified Ambulatory Surgical Center with anesthesia provided by a board certified physician anesthesiologist, an additional fee of $1,000 for anesthesiologist and facility expense is necessary.

7 Follow-up Consultation is generally done after Pre-Cycle Testing has been completed. If this visit is done prior to completion of all pre-cycle testing, an additional Follow-up Consultation is required for the Effortless IVF ™ planning and construction of the Calendar. This visit can be conducted electronically, by phone or in person.

Complete Effortless IVF ™ treatment cycle includes:

  • Cycle management, calendar construction, office visits including:
  • Mock embryo transfer (required for all new patients and following obstetrical deliveries)
  • All necessary treatment ultrasound testing
  • Egg retrieval, including laboratory, physician and anesthesia charges
  • Andrology and embryology laboratory charges, including sperm preparation, insemination
  • INVOcell device and procedures
  • Embryo transfer
  • Pregnancy test
  • Follow-up physician visit (within 30 days of completion of cycle)
  • Six months of embryo storage if embryos are frozen